Neon Yellow Leg Warmers

Neon Yellow Leg Warmers Any child of the 80's is gonna want a pait of these neon yellow leg warmers. Chances are if your name is Heather, you just transported from the 80's, or you just stepped out of a sweatin' to the ______ video, these will fit right into your everyday wardrobe. For everyone else get these retro leg warmers to complete a colorful Halloween costume.

Wolverine Mens Yellow Union Suit

Wolverine Mens Yellow Union Suit Wolverine is always in such a bad mood. What could make a Canadian, the friendliest people on Earth, so angry all the time? Some people think it's because he's been around since the late 1880's and he's seen a whole bunch of wars. Others think that having adamantium bones makes you feel like a wild animal, and a small few think that it's because he's actually a mutated wolverine. We know the truth though. It's because his normal costume is just too itchy! With this union suit, Logan never has to worry about that. It's got all the same details of the legendary X-Men hero's suit, except it's made of an ultra-soft material that's so comfortable, you can sleep in it. Just don't blame us when you find yourself dozing off when you should be slicing a Sentinel in two with your claws...

Child Yellow Ninja Costume

Child Yellow Ninja Costume Do you want in on a secret about your child? When he's bouncing off the walls and leaping through the house, he's actually training to save the world. You see, when you're not looking he sneaks out of the house to use his master level ninja techniques to save the world from bad guys. Hard to believe, but it's true. Maybe it's about time you helped him achieve his full potential with the gear.

Marvel Wolverine Mens Yellow Suit Up Hoodie

Marvel Wolverine Mens Yellow Suit Up Hoodie Sometimes the hardest choice you need to make when being a superhero, is what kind of costume to wear. Most X-Men make the mistake of going with a lot of spandex; even Wolverine fell into that trap on many occasions. He finally came to his senses though and combined his costume with the most comfortable clothing known to mutant-kind, the hoodie. This version has all of Wolvie's signature style, including his pointy-eared mask, minus all the sissy spandex.