Neon Yellow Leg Warmers

Neon Yellow Leg Warmers Any child of the 80's is gonna want a pait of these neon yellow leg warmers. Chances are if your name is Heather, you just transported from the 80's, or you just stepped out of a sweatin' to the ______ video, these will fit right into your everyday wardrobe. For everyone else get these retro leg warmers to complete a colorful Halloween costume.

Football Baby Costume

Football Baby Costume Baby Costumes - This infant Football Costume includes the brown bunting and the cap.

Adult Racer Costume

Adult Racer Costume Adult Costumes - This Racer Costume from Leg Avenue includes the asymmetrical checkered flag dress with number detail, double side zipper detail, and the matching velcro belt. Helmet not included. Stockings and boots available separately.

Hardball Scary Baseball Mask

Hardball Scary Baseball Mask Scary Hardball Baseball Mask - Sports Costume Masks - For FUN and LAUGHTER this Hardball Baseball Costume Mask Accessory will hit a homerun with all the fans! This will be great FUN at college games, PRO games, your kids games, or at home in front of the TV!

Adult Hulk Hogan WWE Grand Heritage Costume

Adult Hulk Hogan WWE Grand Heritage Costume America has had an on-again, off-again love affair with Hulk Hogan. He charmed us all in the 80s as a superstar of the WWF. But with three decades of heel turns, about-faces, championships won and lost, and even a reality TV stint... well, it could have left even the most diehard Hulk fans a little flummoxed. With all the ups and downs, we prefer to just think of Hulk as the real American hero of the 80s. And now you can show off that you're all about vintage Hulkamania with this retro costume! With faux muscles and his signature tee and bandana, you're look like you have the ring prowess to take on any opponent. Ric Flair, you've been warned...

Green Hair Spray

Green Hair Spray Get creative with your hairstyle with a can of neon green hairspray! This colorful spray is great for attending sporting events, homecoming or putting the finishing touches on your 80s look or clown costume!

Womens 80s Lets Get Physical Costume

Womens 80s Lets Get Physical Costume It's time to get physical with this retro Womens 80s Lets Get Physical Costume! The only person who could wear this better than you: Olivia Newton John. That woman is a legend.