Scarecrow Adult Costume

Scarecrow Adult Costume Wear this Scarecrow Adult Costume for Halloween or a Wizard of Oz theme party, and show that it doesn't necessarily take brains to get a diploma! Great as part of a group theme.

Child Scarecrow Costume

Child Scarecrow Costume What would it be like to not have a brain? It is a fate that not many know except for the poor Scarecrow. He was stuck in a field dealing with mean and pesky crows all day long not being able to think or ponder on things. Then along came Dorothy, a kind girl who asked the man of straw to join her on her quest down the Yellow Brick road. Together they met up with the Tin Man and the Cowardly Lion and made there way to the Emerald City. It was there they found the Wizard of Oz who had a mysterious bag filled with goodies inside. Would there be the thing that the strawman needs inside?

Plus Size Scarecrow Costume

Plus Size Scarecrow Costume When you travel down the yellow brick road in the wonderful land of Oz, you may run into some very interesting characters. One such person would be the Scarecrow. This man made of straw spends his days posted up in a corn field trying to scare away the local birds. The only thing is he is having a hard time doing it because the birds just don't seem to be afraid of him. Now luckily for him Dorothy from Kansas came by and decided to let him join her on a journey to see the Wizard. Now you can join a merry band of travelers while you anxiously await for a brain in this classic Scarecrow costume!

Scarecrow Toddler Costume

Scarecrow Toddler Costume This little scarecrow has been asking for a brain a lot lately. We think he's been trying to get into Harvard before he even turns three, but we're not sure if we want to let him go just yet. He's just a little too young to be deciding on his college major.When it comes to scaring crows off, we don't think he'll be doing our crops any favors, but what he lacks in being terrifying he more than makes up for in being adorable. We may not know what he's saying but he definitely can talk a whole field of daisies into growing big and tall for him. Before long you might have to head out and find him in all those plants taller than him. When you do track him down, you'll probably discover that he's made a few new friends. There's the neighbor girl down the road, a little farm kitten, and a toy metal soldier that they found underneath an apple tree. We're sure they'll be in for all kinds of fun adventures. Have no fear though, he won't go far from home with mom and dad as his good witch and wizard watching over him. Dress your toddler up in this adorable straw filled costume and we promise everyone will lose their minds over how cute he looks. Just be sure to keep him away from those pesky flying monkeys. They don't seem to get along very well, but, then again, we don't think the original scarecrow of Oz was anywhere near as precious as your little one in this outfit.

Scarecrow Costume

Scarecrow Costume In the land of Oz there is a lone scarecrow in a corn field. He is just wasting his days away hoping for someone to walk by to talk to. One day this straw-filled guy finally got his wish and he met the clever girl named Dorothy Gale. She saved him from a life of scaring crows so he could meet the Wizard in order to get a brain! Relive all of the Wizard of Oz magic when you go in this classic Scarecrow costume. Team up with Dorothy and the gang for a memorable trip down the yellow brick road!