Julius Caesar Costume

Julius Caesar Costume He was born into an aristocratic but not particularly wealthy or powerful family. He became one of the greatest military strategists who ever lived. He was a gifted orator, writer and politician. Some of his writings are still studied today! Become this great Roman statesman with this Julius Caesar Costume.

Deluxe Lady Godiva Wig

Deluxe Lady Godiva Wig Deluxe Lady Godiva Wig - Adult Costume WigsBe daring with this Deluxe Lady Godiva wig! Perfect for that "private" party or spice up your romance. The Deluxe Lady Godiva wig is a long blonde with that measures 38 inches long and is completely washable! Be sure to get a wig cap to control hair under the wig. It improves the wig fit for better style and enhances wig comfort.

Roman or Egyptian Armband

Roman or Egyptian Armband Roman or Egyptian Costume Accessories - This Costume Armband is a great accessory for any Roman or Egyptian costume. The costume armband is made of golden band decorated with sequins. This Slave Costume armband is available in gold with green sequins or gold with purple sequins. Although pictured with several jewels, there are usually only three jewels. Please be sure to choose your color. This Slave Costume armband is a perfect finish to any Roman or Egyptian costume.

Adult Coral Goddess Costume

Adult Coral Goddess Costume Adult Costumes - This Coral Goddess Costume includes the dress, capelet with attached armbands, and the headpiece.

Women’s Dark Forest Maiden Costume

Women's Dark Forest Maiden Costume The Dark Forest is a place where good and evil intertwine. The folks you meet might help you on your journey, cast a hex on you, or even steal your heart. You'll be stealing the hearts of all the wayward travelers when you wear this maiden costume. Now as for the good or evil part, it's your decision... but sometimes it's good to be bad (especially when dealing with matters of the heart).

Silver Lame Cape

Silver Lame Cape This shimmering silver cape is made of metallic silver fabric, is 44" in length and features a button closure at the neck. Great as an accent to a Greek or Roman costume! Also great for a Mardi Gras costume or for New Years Eve!

Centurion Plus Size Costume

Centurion Plus Size Costume Plus Size Costumes - This adult Roman Centurion Costume for men includes the red crushed panné tunic with gold and black trim, leather-look gold and brown over-tunic with an attached red cape. Sword and sandals available separately. Dress your date up as Cleopatra for a really hot couples costume look!

King Neptune Adult Costume

King Neptune Adult Costume This mens Deluxe King Neptune Costume includes the headpiece, blue tunic with gold trim, cape, chest piece, rope decoration and the wrist cuffs. Staff and beard/wig available separately.

Empress Of Rome Adult Costume

Empress Of Rome Adult Costume Adult Costumes - This Empress of Rome Costume includes the dress with the attached drape. Headpiece, bracelets and shoes available separately.

Medusa Adult Costume

Medusa Adult Costume Greek Costumes - This sexy and beautiful Medusa Costume includes the halter dress with fishnet and snake skin accents, sleevelets, and the 3-D headpiece.