Neon Yellow Leg Warmers

Neon Yellow Leg Warmers Any child of the 80's is gonna want a pait of these neon yellow leg warmers. Chances are if your name is Heather, you just transported from the 80's, or you just stepped out of a sweatin' to the ______ video, these will fit right into your everyday wardrobe. For everyone else get these retro leg warmers to complete a colorful Halloween costume.

Leg Avenue Sexy Cheshire Cat Costume

Leg Avenue Sexy Cheshire Cat Costume Everyone likes a good riddle! They can be great ice breakers, so it's not a bad idea to have a few ready to go at all times. That's how the cheshire cat does things when he's going about his business around Wonderland. When he first ran into Alice and cryptically spoke to her through his trademark mischievous and creepily wide grin, Alice probably had no clue what to expect from this weirdo. But the cheshire cat just likes to goof off, and you can't really blame a talking, shapeshifting, pink and purple striped cat that can disappear on command for wanting to do anything but goof around! Now you too can be silly, and a little sexy, in this Sexy Cheshire Cat Costume! Modeled after the classic sneaky and tricky cat in the Alice in Wonderland, don't be surprised if you start going a little mad yourself after slipping on this formfitting jumpsuit. If you can't think of any good riddles to break the ice, the bright pink and purple stripes should do the trick. Show off your cat-like features with the included matching furry hood and ears and the attached tail. Just pick up some furry pink leg warmers to complete this look, and your mischievous grin won't be the only thing showing you're up to no good!

Tea Party Checkerboard Thigh Highs

Tea Party Checkerboard Thigh Highs These sexy Tea Party Checkerboard Thigh Highs feature a satin bow and a woven teacup applique and are an essential accessory for your Alice in Wonderland costume!