Toddler Wolverine Costume Hoodie

Toddler Wolverine Costume Hoodie Who's the coolest mutant superhero out there? Well, if you're talking about the X-Men, then the answer is definitely Wolverine! With his super-healing powers and his "take no guff" attitude, Wolverine is a one-mutant army. Oh yeah, we almost forget about his trademark adamantium claws... All of these special powers and abilities sure come in handy when getting into a brawl with a bunch of Sentinels, or one of his nemeses like Sabretooth or Juggernaut! If your toddler is as big of a Wolverine fan as we are, than they're going to love playing in this Toddler Wolverine Costume Hoodie, Bub! This zip-up hoodie features Wolverine's classic yellow, blue, and black striped uniform from the comics and cartoons. Part of the hood comes down over their eyes like Wolverine's pointy eared mask, so they can really get into the action! Your little crime fighter is going to have a blast playing in this toddler-sized X-Men hoodie, or just wearing it around for fun when it's chilly out!

I am Cheshire Cat Women’s Hoodie

I am Cheshire Cat Women's Hoodie Your grin will be as wide as the Cheshire Cat's once you put on this super cozy hoodie! You won't be able to stop smiling because this Alice in Wonderland inspired hoodie is adorable and comfortable. But don't be surprised if you're feeling slightly...mischievous! That's just what happens when sporting this cute zip-up sweatshirt!

Marvel Wolverine Mens Yellow Suit Up Hoodie

Marvel Wolverine Mens Yellow Suit Up Hoodie Sometimes the hardest choice you need to make when being a superhero, is what kind of costume to wear. Most X-Men make the mistake of going with a lot of spandex; even Wolverine fell into that trap on many occasions. He finally came to his senses though and combined his costume with the most comfortable clothing known to mutant-kind, the hoodie. This version has all of Wolvie's signature style, including his pointy-eared mask, minus all the sissy spandex.

Fantastic Four The Thing Sublimated Costume Hoodie

Fantastic Four The Thing Sublimated Costume Hoodie Being Ben Grimm might sound great, but it's not all hearts and rainbows being the Fantastic Four's signature powerhouse character. Being a giant rock monster with super strength IS pretty sweet until you need fit through a normal sized door, or when you need to try fitting inside your buddy's Miata for the road trip of a life time across the U.S. The other members of the team have a hard time relating to that. Reed got super stretching powers, Sue got force-fields and the ability to turn invisible and Johnny got the ability to turn himself into a blazing fireball without getting hurt. We get you Ben, which is why we're trying to spread awareness of your situation with stylish apparel!This Fantastic Four Thing Costume Hoodie lets you look like the character from the Marvel comic series, so you can show your support for the hero's plight! Flip the hood down and it quickly changes your look from a mild-mannered citizen, into that of an orange, rock-covered hero. It also won't hinder you in your own daily activities, since it doesn't actually turn you into a giant, super-strong superhero. You won't have any problems fitting into a compact car this summer! Use it while you against bad guys like Doctor Doom, or while you battle against the prejudices of anti-giant rocky skinned heroes in every day life...or you can just wear it while you head to the mall for a smoothie. It's really up to you (smoothies really are delicious though).