Black Satin Lace Boots

Black Satin Lace Boots These Womens Black Satin Lace Boots feature a 2 inch heel with button detail going up the side. Great boots for a Victorian Costume, Steampunk Costume, Witch Costume, Vampire or Gothic Costume!

Adult White Pirate Costume Shirt

Adult White Pirate Costume Shirt This adult Swashbuckling Pirate Shirt is white.

Pan For Child Or Adult

Pan For Child Or Adult This unique layered felt wig is one of a kind! This mythology-inspired wig looks like something straight out of the forests of Greece. Don this horned wig and your goat pants and you're ready to play your Pan flute!

Girls Black And White Striped Tights

Girls Black And White Striped Tights These Girls Black and White Striped Tights from Leg Avenue are an great way to enhance your Pirate Costume or Witch Costume!

Latex George Washington Costume Mask

Latex George Washington Costume Mask This Adult Latex George Washington Mask is just the thing for your 4th of July costume. Pair it up with any of our patriotic colonial costumes!

Pirate Eyepatch

Pirate Eyepatch Lots of people think that pirates wore eyepatches because they had lost an eye fighting somewhere on the open seas just like why many had peg legs or hooks instead of hands but the real reason is a lot more functional than we give pirates credit for. The real reason is that on deck it would be incredibly bright while down below the lanterns didn't really give them much light so they'd have a patch over one eye so it was already used to the darkness in the cabin but still had one eye for above deck. No matter what the usefulness of your patch is whether you lost it in a fight or are just trying to be smart you might as while make it look stylish like the rest of your costume. This deep red one with a black bow and lace is perfect for a more seductive pirate look because it's not just your sword that can kill, is it?


INDIANA JONES DELUXE HAT LARGE Quality wool felt, grosgrain hat with bow hatband and Indiana Jones pin attached. 2 1/2 inch brim.

Brown Buccaneer Boots

Brown Buccaneer Boots Pirates do not wear loafers or sneakers. They wear boots. And if you want an authentic pair of pirate boots then this pair of brown buccaneer boots is a wise choice.

36″ Glitter Star Wand

36" Glitter Star Wand We think magic comes from the heart, but it never hurts to have the right accessory on hand to prove your magical prowess! This 36" Glitter Star Wand has the kind of look that can stop a fairy straight in her tracks., so it's great for playing the role of fairy, princess or good witch.

Personalized Halloween Character Yard Stake

Personalized Halloween Character Yard Stake Celebrate all the spook-tacular people you call family with a frightful welcome, with our exclusive Halloween Character Collection® Yard Stake. Our exclusive cartoon figures are featured in Halloween costumes depicting each family member - including pets - with everyone's first name appearing underneath. Choose grandparent, adult, youth, or baby figures, male or female, light or dark complexions, specific hair color and cats or dogs. (Dad,&