Kids Zebra Costume

Kids Zebra Costume Did you know that a zebra's stripes are as unique to each individual animal as a human's fingerprint? And that they are black with white stripes, not the other way around? (How do they know this? From studying zebra embryos. Before they're born they start out black, and the white stripes develop later.) Those striped guys just get cooler and cooler every single time we read about them! We however believe that there is always more to learn so we can't just stop our research there. Some people say that doing research is boring and can't possibly be fun but we think those people just don't have enough of an imagination and probably get bored too easily. You're not like those people, right? Of course not! That's why you're set to go for this Kid's Zebra Costume so you can really get up close and personal with the great horses of the African Savannah! Just get your parents to help you get a hold of this awesome costume and your career as the greatest field scientist of all time will start up in no time! You'll be the biggest prodigy since...well we don't know anybody that age who have done that awesome of a feat. Actually, come to think of it, maybe you should finish school and go to college before you take that kind of leap. This costume is still awesome for a sweet Halloween outfit! Want to make your mane even cooler? Check out our zebra manes!

Gothic Fairy Costume

Gothic Fairy Costume Most fairies spend their time playing in the meadows, romping amongst all the flowers and creatures, but that gets a little old and boring for some fantasy creatures. Some fairies want to taste a little bit of dark magic, cause a little mayhem and get themselves into some real trouble. Those are the kind of fairies who like to play the tricks where someone gets hurt at the end of the night. So, which kind of fairy do you think you are? You ARE looking at an evil fairy outfit - we're just sayin'...

Deluxe Pirate Wench Costume

Deluxe Pirate Wench Costume Rob all of the buccaneers of their gold this Halloween in this Deluxe Pirate Wench Costume! Add pirate boots, a tricorn hat, and toy weapons. The sea dogs will be begging for mercy when you set sail in this exclusive pirate wench costume!

Boys Hiro Classic Costume

Boys Hiro Classic Costume Have you been teaching your child about nanotechnology and robotics? That's how Hiro Hamada got the skills to form Big Hero 6, but don't worry. Your child doesn't have to be a nanotechnology expert wear this Boys Hiro Classic Costume. It gives him the look straight from the Disney movie and he doesn't even have to study advanced robotics. All he has to do is gather up a few of his friends and head to San Fransokyo to start his superhero career.

Boys Union Officer Costume

Boys Union Officer Costume Does your child respect and look up to James Thompson Kirk? You know, the officer in the Union Army during the American Civil War? If he is learning all about Officer James Thompson Kirk in school, then he'll love dressing up as the admired soldier from the past. The Union had to be preserved at any cost, and he can chip in and do his part with this historical costume!

Princess Leia Adult White Dress

Princess Leia Adult White Dress Some leading ladies just sit around and wait for their knight in shining armor to come, playing the perfect damsel in distress role. Princess Leia would rather grab a weapon and plant a blaster bolt right between the eyes of any Stormtrooper who looks at her funny. With looks like those and an attitude to match, it's no wonder Han Solo can't keep himself away from her.Whether she's leading the Rebel Alliance as a member of the Imperial Senate or taking charge of the resistance as a general, Princess Leia has always been, and will always be, a strong, smart, and confident leader in the Star Wars galaxy. In a time and place far away, strong female leaders were hard to come by, so Princess Leia stood out as a shining star amongst the dark sky.Not only is this Princess Leia costume reminiscent of her classic Star Wars look, it's got a little added flair for a modern twist. Show off a little skin while still portraying a strong female figure with this sexy Princess Leia costume this Halloween. This costume is also perfect for your next Comic-Con or fan expo - it's inexpensive and ready to wear! The poly/spandex blend turtleneck dress is officially licensed and has a zipper along the back for easy on and off. The long bell sleeves and silver molded belt add the essential details to the costume. And obviously one cannot be a proper Princess Leia without her infamous bun hairstyle, so this costume comes with a synthetic wig styled into her signature look.

Womens Cleopatra Adult Costume

Womens Cleopatra Adult Costume Adult Costumes - This womens Princess of the Pyramids Cleopatra Costume includes the headpiece, neckpiece/collar, wristcuffs, belt, and dress. Great couples costume with your man dressed as King Tut, Ramses, Marc Antony or Julius Caesar! Cleopatra wig and sandals sold separately. 100% polyester. Machine wash, cool water. Line dry.

Batgirl T-Shirt Costume

Batgirl T-Shirt Costume Gotham City can get super hot in the summer which makes patrolling the streets a little tough. But that won't stop Batgirl from being the hero that Gotham needs. When it comes time for her to stop bad guys she grabs her superhero tee, cape and mask so she can keep her identity secret while keeping cool on a hot Gotham night.

Deluxe Mixed Blonde 80’s Sprayed Wig

Deluxe Mixed Blonde 80's Sprayed Wig This Deluxe Mixed Blonde 1980's Sprayed Wig is a magnificent way to complete your authentic Pop Star Costume, Eighties look or Disco Costume! Be sure to get a wig cap to control hair under the wig. It improves the wig fit for better style and enhances wig comfort.

Boys Aristocrat Costume

Boys Aristocrat Costume Your child may have missed the signing of the Declaration of Independence, but he's not too late to get moves like George Washington! This Boys Aristocrat Costume has the kind of American Revolution look that'll impress your kid's history teacher. (Your kid's math teacher, however, probably won't find it all that impressive).