Kids Skeleton Costume

Kids Skeleton Costume Make no bones about it - this kids skeleton Halloween costume is as scary as it looks! Skeletons are a mainstay on the Halloween scene, but it's easy to forget them among the more popular vampires, werewolves, and demons. But this Halloween, your child will stand out in a sea of common creatures with this skeleton costume.Jumping out of closets, rising from the grave, terrorizing the town - these are just a few of the activities skeletons enjoy. From the big screen to the small screen and to the pages of your favorite book, skeletons always make for a fun and interesting character. Some of them have their own sob stories and others are just mindless henchman for the big baddie, but either way, they know what it takes to steal a scene.You won't be the usual bag of bones when you wear this Kids Skeleton Costume. This is a frightening costume for kids that won't make them look like the typical werewolf or zombie. This costume covers you from head to toe and is a unique way to scare their friends (and maybe a few adults) this Halloween. The 100% polyester black bodysuit has latex bones covering the exterior. The included hood has a skull face on it with black mesh so they can easily see. Cover up the last remaining bits of their former human self with the black boot covers and matching skeleton gloves. Before you know it, your child will be ready to haunt the neighborhood in their full skeleton costume!

Antique Silver-Tone Aztec-Style Long Necklace

Antique Silver-Tone Aztec-Style Long Necklace Bling has been around for ages and every new generation gains a new appreciation for it. Back in the day, people in Mexico used to rock the silver. In the 1920's, Flappers used to rock pearls. In the 50's, diamonds were a girl's best friend. Now, you can wear this Antique Silver-Tone Aztec-Style Long Necklace to carry on the tradition. It's designed to look like the real deal, but at a fraction of the normal cost. Finally, some bling that won't let your wallet empty!

Spring Fairy Eyelashes

Spring Fairy Eyelashes Go to the limit by adding these fabulous purple Spring Fairy Eyelashes to your costume.

High Seas Pirate Girl Costume

High Seas Pirate Girl Costume It's the pirate's life for this girl! She'll steal your ship, make you walk the plank, and not to mention steal your booty right from underneath your nose! This High Seas Pirate Girl Costume is a great costume for girls because of the cool black & red tattered skirt and the included belt that cinches around the waist. Just make sure to grab your sword to protect your treasure!

Adult Skeleton Costume

Adult Skeleton Costume Adult Costumes - This Adult Skeleton costume includes sexy skeleton top with bone print, and the leggings and gloves with bone print. Great for a Day of the Dead Costume! Boots available separately.

Women’s Plus Size Vamp Costume

Women's Plus Size Vamp Costume Even thought this vamp has been dead a couple hundred years, no one would be able to tell because she's such a fashionista. Her wardrobe is totally on point with the current trends. You can't go wrong with black lace because it never goes out of style. You'll love wearing this Women's Plus Size Vamp Costume because its fashion forward and flattering. Now work that high collar, girl!

Batman Full Mask

Batman Full Mask Batman Full Mask - Batman Dark Knight

Black Beaded Native American Breastplate with Feathers

Black Beaded Native American Breastplate with Feathers Listen, you can't just walk out into the street, proclaiming to be some kind of accomplished warrior. It just doesn't work that way. You have to earn that reputation by standing firmly against your foes in battle, or by proving your skills as a gifted archer during the great hunt. We're here to give you a few hints and the right gear to transform you into a fierce warrior!You need to start with the right gear. This Beaded Native American Breastplate helps give you the look of a true warrior. Black beads and feathered accents, provide a traditional Indian warrior feel to it, so you might just feel a surge in your warrior's spirit! Otherwise, you might just feel like "Hey, this breastplate makes me feel pretty cool." Both feelings are totally acceptable while wearing this costume piece and both feelings are the first step to you becoming a great warrior. Once you have this on, all you need to do is learn some sweet skills. We suggest bow-hunting skills. You can never go wrong with bow-hunting skills.

Child Megaman Costume

Child Megaman Costume So many robots are evil these days. Gutsman, Elecman, Magnet Man and that evil fax machine in the office. It's good to know that Dr. Light has been busy inventing this Child Megaman Costume so someone can stand up to all of them! All your kid has to do is put on this licensed outfit to look just like the hero of the video games. He'll be ready to absorb powers from evil robots and send Dr. Wily packing! (Let us know when he suits up, because we really need a good robot put a stop to the evil laptop that's been hanging out in our break room).

Faux Pearl Flapper Necklace

Faux Pearl Flapper Necklace Wear this dramatic strand of faux pearl flapper beads to complete your 1920s look. Whether you want to be a jazz time honey or score some hooch in a speakeasy, they are the perfect accessory.